Benito Cereno in Education

9781933633053_p0_v1_s260x420Melville’s “Benito Cereno” is commonly studies in an academic setting. There are several study aids for students including sparknotes  and cliff notes but perhaps the most entertaining study aids are the short YouTube tube videos students have made. Below are a couple of examples. Many of the videos put their own spin on Melville’s story just like he did to Delano’s original tail.

The first two videos were made by students with their own twist on the story. The first depicts the story of Delano and Cereno as sock puppets (Video can be found here). The second video (watch here) is made out of Legos.

This video is not very good quality but theses kids managed to create rap which included the major plot points from Melville’s story. There are some aspects of this video that have nothing to do with the story (like the bunny) but its still entertaining and an interesting spin. To watch the Rap of Benito Cereno click here.


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